Taxes are likely to be your largest lifetime expense.  Taxsheets.ca will help you gain insights into the factors influencing this expense.  Whether you are trying to determine the effect of an RRSP contribution on your tax liability, understand the tax implications of different income sources, or budgeting around retirement expenses. Taxsheets.ca can help you make informed decisions that will  potentially save money. OSTRTA! 

A Simple Start

A Simple Start

Are you planning for retirement?  Does your spreadsheet considers everything??… Housing, Vacation Expenses, Future Pensions….check . check ! check!!  but what about taxes?  Maybe you estimate a number? Maybe you ignore it?  Whether you choose to fund this lifestyle with dividends, capital gains, pensions or registered accounts, taxes are likely to be your largest retirement …

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Tax Installment Estimator

Tax Installment Estimator

Were you notified by CRA that you should be paying taxes on installments ?  Do you want to make an installment estimate based on this year’s income?  If so, Taxsheets.ca Installment Estimator can help you estimate the installments that will become due. Register with Taxsheets.ca to receive your API Token. Copy the Token into the …

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Should I contribute to an RRSP or a TFSA

Should I contribute to an RRSP or a TFSA

Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP) and Tax-Free Savings Account (TFSA) are two popular investment vehicles in Canada. Both of these accounts are designed to help Canadians save money and invest in their future.  Despite their popularity, many people remain confused on when to utilize these accounts in order to maximize future benefits. Consider Jane, who …

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Getting started couldn't be easier...

1. Download a Sheet

Download a demo spreadsheet* and see how our API can be integrated with your existing work.  Along with some sample data, this spreadsheet includes a temporary API Key and the simple code needed to make calls into the Taxsheet’s Calculation Engine.

* You will be asked to accept permission to allow the spreadsheet to connect to the Taxsheet’s Calculation Engine.

2. Register with this Site to get access to your own API Key.

Register at this site to access to your own API Key.   Copy this key into your downloaded sheet, and continue to access our API’s without having to renew expired API Keys.

More to come....

Check back soon…. here are some of the next items on our todo list. 

Interested in sharing a spreadsheet that you created?  Do you want to feedback about a potentially questionable assumption?   Why not upload your sheet to the group and ask your question in our user’s forum.

How much is are your retirement pensions worth in current dollars, what are the implications of taking of waiting/starting these benefits early?  What happens if mortality is considered an endogenous variable?

Tap your RRSP first or last?  How much income should you recognize early in your retirement?  Investigate how differing income recognition strategies will impact your expected lifetime tax bill? 

How will portfolio composition and differing market assumptions will influence future risk and reward characteristic of your retirement portfolio.  Ideally all of the above, with a bit of randomness ;-).


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